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Smart Life
  • Combining humanized and sustainable thinking to upgrade the smart life style.
  • Open the field of smart life public-private cooperation for verification, and introduce forward-looking technologies and innovative applications such as 5G and AIoT etc.
  • Improve public services and industrial efficiency to build a friendly New Taipei Smart City.
Smart Security
  • Provide a fair, justified and safe living environment and improve safety in food, clothing, living and transportation.
  • Strengthen disaster reduction and response in disaster relief to build a resilient disaster prevention city in all aspects.
  • Fully implement the information security field to build an information security joint defence system.
Smart Economic
  • Develop new technologies to enhance the technical capabilities of manufacturers and accelerate the pace of digital transformation of traditional local industries.
  • In line with the international regional economy and the cross-domain industrial ecosystem, introduce international partner resources in order to promote the transformation and growth of local enterprises and enhance international competitiveness.
  •  Increase the production capacity of the economy through technological upgrading, create innovative energy, and introduce innovative business models in order to increase the value of the digital economy.
Sustainable Environment
  • Taking the United Nations SDGs sustainable development goals as the guiding principle of urban development, establish a digital talent training mechanism to implement it in various projects for smart city development.
  • Build the city's comprehensive IoT environment monitoring infrastructure, and use data to conduct AI intelligence analysis in order to achieve an optimal balance of the living environment.
Smart Government
  • Define data governance standards, exert the value of data creation, and enhance the efficiency of technology governance.
  • Create an open, shared, efficient and actionable smart government.
  • Promote the innovative application fields of the regulatory sandbox in various fields to provide innovative services that people can feel.