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News-New Taipei City 5G Smart Pole Project Shines in Urban Future, Wins 2024 Smart City Innovative Application Award


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New Taipei City 5G Smart Pole Project Shines in Urban Future, Wins 2024 Smart City Innovative Application Award
The New Taipei City Government has long been committed to promoting the development of smart cities and fostering the integrated application of AI and big data. On March 19th, New Taipei City Government attended the "2024 Smart City Innovative Application Award Ceremony" and won the "Smart Government Category" award in the County and City Innovative Application Group with its "AI Big Data Creates the Light of the Future - New Taipei City 5G Smart Pole Construction Plan". The plan stood out from 102 domestic submission proposals and 61 county and city government agencies, demonstrating a successful example of New Taipei City's digital transformation.
The 11th 2024 Smart City Innovative Application Award is hosted by the Taipei Computer Association. It encourages cities to invest heavily in information infrastructure and make good use of local characteristic resources and manufacturer strengths to implement the smart city vision, so that innovative applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) can be tried and tested in the field. Since taking office, Mayor Hou Yu-Ih has worked hard to expand smart technology into various fields, introduce innovative and convenient services through Public-Private Partnerships, take into account the sustainability of services with sustainable development strategies, and introduce AI applications and digital resilience into services. In addition to strengthening government efficiency and assisting decision-making, it also improves people's quality of life, promotes industrial development, and fully popularizes innovative information technology. The city government's actual achievements have proven worthy of recognition by this year's review committee.
Chen Fu-Tien, Director of the Information Management Center, said that the New Taipei City Government regards 5G smart poles as important infrastructure for building a smart city. It uses smart poles as carriers and attaches different functional equipment according to the characteristics of each administrative region to integrate related 5G, Internet of Things, imaging, streaming, and special needs modules on the poles to perform various specific tasks. The city integrates information and conducts big data analysis for serial applications such as AI image recognition, people and traffic counting analysis, micro weather stations, and AR sightseeing guides, to improve urban security, transportation, environment, and economy. It uses smart poles to condense the future light of smart cities, becoming the backbone facilities for promoting all-round IoT networks, making cities smarter!
In the future, the New Taipei City Government will continue to actively build smart cities through the Internet of Things to obtain more information and data, bringing more convenience and services to citizens' lives. At the same time, the City Government Information Management Center was invited to exhibit its award-winning project work (booth number: S601) on the 4th floor at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 from March 19th to 22nd , showcasing the results of smart applications in recent years. Sincerely invite people nationwide, businesses, and cities from abroad to come and experience the innovation and intelligence of New Taipei City, hoping to use smart technology to illuminate the happiness of the city.