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News-New Taipei City secures prestigious GO SMART Award for third straight year earning acclaim for stellar performance


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New Taipei City secures prestigious GO SMART Award for third straight year earning acclaim for stellar performance
To comprehensively promote digital equality and create a digital-friendly city, the New Taipei City Government competed this year (2024) with 24 cities from 12 countries worldwide. "New Taipei City EZ-Learn Network -Free Computer Courses for Citizens" aimed to empower citizens by enhancing their technological literacy and digital capabilities, aligning with the core spirit of people-centeredness. Among 39 entries and 11 shortlisted projects and won the "2024 GO SMART Award" held at the Dazhi Denwell Hotel in Taipei on March 12. Award Ceremony and was awarded the "Beyond City Special Award". It is the only government agency in Taiwan to receive this special award.

The GO SMART Award is an international competition organized by the Global Organization of Smart Cities (GO SMART). It encourages collaboration between the public and private sectors to utilize smarter and more innovative approaches to solve urban issues across cities and domains. New Taipei City has been dedicated to the development of a smart city, and it is an honor to have won awards for three consecutive years in recognition of its remarkable achievements. In 2022, the "New Taipei City Virtual Ward Platform" won the "Most Promising City Project". In 2023, the " New Taipei Mobile Payment APP (NewTaiPAY)" won the "GO SMART Award Winner". This year, the " New Taipei City EZ-Learn Network - Free Computer Courses for Citizens" project has also been awarded, receiving international acclaim and recognition for its efforts in promoting urban digitalization, inclusiveness, citizen participation, and sustainable development.

Since Mayor Hou, Yu-Ih took office, New Taipei City has been actively promoting smart city development, integrating smart technology across various sectors, and responding to global trends in smart and sustainable development. The city aims to enhance government efficiency, improve residents' quality of life, stimulate industrial development, and foster international exchanges, positioning New Taipei City a glorious city that is in line with international standards.

According to Director Chen, Fu-Tien of the Information Management Center, the city government is committed to fostering a culture of digital inclusion and bridging the digital divide. Through the "New Taipei City EZ-Learn Network - Free Computer Courses for Citizens" the city aims to empower vulnerable groups, including seniors, indigenous peoples, and new immigrants, by enhancing their digital capabilities and reducing their sense of deprivation. By offering diverse courses and promoting digital literacy, the city ensures that every citizen is equipped with essential digital skills to thrive in the information age, thus promoting digital equality and eliminating discrimination.

New Taipei City's latest international recognition signifies its continuous advancement in promoting smart and sustainable urban development. In the future, the city government will further optimize the content of free computer courses, enhance publicity, expand class offerings, and improve satisfaction tracking. By guiding citizens to acquire internet and information technology skills, New Taipei City aims to apply these skills to daily life, entrepreneurship, and enhance overall quality of life, ensuring fair access to digital opportunities and the benefits of technology for all.